BBC Radio 4 Something Understood "Faith in Numbers"

from by Michael Levy



An excerpt from the BBC Radio 4 Series, "Something Understood" episode, "Faith in Numbers?", first broadcast in 2013:

This episode featured my composition, "Hymn to Zeus" from my 2011 compilation album, "Ancient Landscapes:

Quoting from the BBC webpage about this show, "When John McCarthy was held hostage in the Lebanon he found an entirely unexpected source of sanity - numbers.

Five years and four months, 1 943 days - numbers always defined his time in captivity. They also enabled John to create his own safe world and maintain stability. In this deeply personal edition of Something Understood, John recalls his own surprising faith in numbers and finds others for whom numbers both comfort and inspire.

He discusses his experience with Frank Close, Professor of Physics at Oxford University. What is it like turning to numbers to explain the mysteries of our universe? Scientists often work intensely for years towards new discoveries, and breakthroughs are rare. Frank describes what that process is like - revealing what keeps him going if the breakthrough doesn't come."


from Michael Levy's Lyre on the Radio!, released July 31, 2017


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Michael Levy is a prolific composer for the recreated lyres of antiquity, whose musical mission is to create an entirely new musical genre, which could best be described as a 'New Ancestral Music' - dedicated to reintroducing the recreated lyres, ancient musical modes and intonations, back into the modern musical world.. ... more

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